Wednesday, November 5, 2008

No She Can't.

The boos last night during John McCain's concession speech were from Sarah Palin's caliber of people.

And hopefully, they were aimed at her, because she deserved them.

We saw last night the defeat of hate, fear, and bigotry - ideals that Sarah Palin lives up to, along with cowardice, ignorance, and insincerity. Palin became a drag on the McCain campaign, on the Republicans, and on the very people she represented, and the voters rejected her worldview in overwhelming numbers.

We here at Operation: Sarracuda saw through her disguise and labeled her a fraud from the get-go. Now people are talking about her running for president in 2012. I saw, bring it on. We will be ready for her. And so will America; the country will reject her and her terrible worldview for a second time.

President-elect Barack Obama deserves this election. He was a better person, a better politician, and had better ideals for our country. Unlike the McCain-Palin ticket, you didn't hear of infighting or Biden "going rogue" or - anticipating a loss - talk of someone else running in 2012. Discipline will take you places, and Gov. Palin has none of that discipline - or grace or class.

Congratulations Obama.

by Rope Hoover Palin

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